Empowering Wellness, Inspiring Change - Journey with a Seasoned Expert

Meet Dr. Tania Guerrier Castor, a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner with a doctorate degree and board certification. Dr. Castor values the uniqueness of every individual and is the founder of Clear Path Wellness Lounge, a wellness clinic in Hallandale, Florida, that was established in 2022. She specializes in assessing bio-psycho-social factors, focusing on trauma that contributes to mental processes. Her clients are typically between 13 and 85 years old and are seeking a clear path to healthy mental living after experiencing trauma. Dr. Castor is an expert in Cognitive Behavior Therapy and medication evaluation and management, providing her clients with the necessary tools to overcome life stressors. She is passionate about imparting an understanding of multiple human strengths, positive emotions, distress tolerance, self-esteem building, and the use of cognitive strategies to overcome stress.

Dr. Tania Guerrier Castor

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